Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Children's Ghost Stories: a selection of spooky Usborne books

One of my favorite children's ghost stories from Usborne Books is Spooks' Surprise, an Usborne Young Puzzle Adventure. Grandpa Spook is feeling sad and old. He just isn't spooky any more. Sam and Sorrel decide to cheer him up by inviting all his friends to the best ever Spooks' party...with scary results.

Ages 4-7


This family-friendly ghost story will charm children and adults alike. Children will be tempted to join in the adventure, but somehow our hero can't see what we do. Is he ever going to catch a ghost?

Ages 4-6


Magoria was a powerful wizard intent on using his magic to harness time itself. But his experiments went disastrously wrong, and he unlocked a dangerous curse that could strike the mountain village of Oberdorf at any time. When Ryan arrives there on vacation he has no idea that his visit might have deadly consequences ... that he might unleash the Curse of Magoria.
Ages 10 and up

For more spooky stories about haunted houses, ghosts, wizards, and Halloween activities, visit Usborne Children's Books.

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