Monday, October 22, 2007

What Duck?

The little yellow duck is the mascot of Usborne Books & More, (the American division of Usborne Publishing). Duck was the creation and signature of illustrator extraordinaire Stephen Cartright. His illustrations have delighted children all over the world for 27 years. Sadly, Stephen died in 2004, the victim of a series of strokes.

The purpose of this blog is to share with unschoolers (and homeschoolers) a resource that fits our lifestyle and our chosen method of educating our kids. That resource is Usborne Children's Books. Usborne Children's Books was part of our home libary long before I decided to become a consultant. Years before. In fact, my youngest was 14 when I started my Usborne business. I had thought about it several times through the years, but when the grandkids started coming along I figured it was high time. So, here I am.

I hope not to bore you with dry descriptions or advertising hype. I just want to share these wonderful books with fellow unschoolers (and homeschoolers) and show you how they can enrich and educate without stress, without force. The children in my family hang on to these books like old friends.

To illustrate their benefits, I'll use the word D-U-C-K:

D = double-page spread. The books contain complete scenes or thoughts on the pages opened in front of the child. They don't have to turn the page to finish a thought or see what happens next. All the present action is contained on that double-page spread.

U = unlimited activity. There are things to do, make, think about, find, and discover.

C = colorful illustrations. The illustrations are intriguing, often humorous. They draw the child in and hold their interest.

K = knowledge in bitesized chunks. Children don't have to read pages of dense text to get to the point. Each chunk is a stand-alone piece of information that the child can digest at his own pace. If he's called away, he can easily pick up where he left off....not in the middle of an idea or explanation.

There is much more that I can say about these books, but that's all for now. My following posts will concern descriptions of series and individual books, fun stuff to make and do, creative ways to use the books, and introductions to resources in which we hold distributor rights like Learning Palette, and Learning Wrap-ups.


P.S. I invite comments, questions, and discussion.


Dawn said...

Welcome to the DCF ladies blogring! We still have an old duck eraser from an Usborne order I placed years back. I can't bear to part with it :)

Genny said...

I can send you a new one, you know. :-)

dcf said...

Why didn't you post the picture of you with the Duck?


Genny said...

Oh, man! I forgot about it! I'm not sure it's on this computer, though. Let me go look.

Genny said...

How's that?

dcf said...

Much better. :)